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The expense of a beggar

To beg has become an expensive venture of late. Just the other day, as I sat in a cafeteria at metroplex, I watched a young girl walk in. She couldn't be older than 10.

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China Friendship Naguru to open private wing

The China Friendship Naguru hospital has been tasked to operationalise its Private Wing immediately to be able to cater for needs of all patients seeking care at the government owned facility. This follows claims of unfair treatment and extortion of patients both said to have been death with if the hospital had clear indications on... Continue Reading →

Wear it your way…

A fashion blog can cover many things such as specific items of clothing and accessories, beauty tips, trends in various apparel markets (haute couture, prêt-à-porter, etc.), celebrity fashion choices and street fashion trends.[1][2] They cover fashion at all levels from the largest fashion design houses to the smallest independent designers.[2]

My Journey

I was born old.I was born weary.They say I wailed when I was born something that has never left the lips of many. I think my soul had long lived to see more than my blind eyes. When I was being formed my father passed. It was a mysterious death they say.  My soul saw... Continue Reading →

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